Friday, May 9, 2008

More bags!

Yesterday was a busy day (what's new), and it was supposed to be a no-sewing kind of day because I didn't think there was time. While doing housework, I did embroider the front of a new bag made out of denim. I'm making purses specifically for certain sports to support the team (maybe I'll even get a couple of orders for purses so who knows).

The front turned out so nicely that I should actually be embroidering the front for the second bag right now as I type this. However, the area embroidered doesn't fit any particular bag pattern in my stash so I drafted one myself. It's not too little, not too big, just right for a tournament. I know some people like big bags and they do serve a purpose, but the only time I like a big bag is for PR Weekend. A big bag is just begging for a lead ball. The lead ball is actually the pile up of coins, lipstick tubes, gas station receipts, and a myriad of other goodies and who knows how they got there. The bigger the bag, the more I put in it and I'm not the most organized person in the world. So, the bag is simply a nice size for me.

On the inside flap of the bag, I'm going to embroider the name and number of my child. Just in case others want a similar bag, this is how we'll know whose bag is whose. On the back of the bag I'm going to put a pocket. At first I was thinking a zippered welt, but then I'd have to go out and buy a zipper for it. That would mean driving into town at least 10 miles and with gas prices being what they are, I'll choose the pocket route. The only thing I have to do now is buy some fabric for the lining but I'll do that locally in my town. Maybe my second bag will have the zippered welt.

Anyway, yesterday I thought there would be no time for sewing. However, there was a 20- minute block right after dinner and a 10-minute block just before 9 p.m. I was able to get the purse and flap cut out from the denim, the Timtex cut out, but have to do the lining now. Also, during the baseball game I basted the Timtex to the front and back pieces.

I was thinking about using buckram to interface the bag but it just felt so stiff and the bag has a slight curve. Maybe the buckram might be better suited to more boxy square or rectangle styles? Perhaps a buckram user could chime in and give me some input. Batting wouldn't be appropriate on this project because I want it to have some structure.

Duty calls. Maybe I'll have time to work on my purse and post a few pics later. It's really rainy here and that might cancel all our nightly activities. But right now I'm off to do my motherly responsibilities.


Rhoto said...

'Looking forward to see your new creation!!
Warm greetings,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Keely said...

I'm sure you'll get orders! What a cool idea to embroider the details inside. Aah, an embroidery machine, one day.
BTW - I've tagged you. See my blog for details. :)

When Ladies Dressed said...

Sometimes I find that on the days I don't think that there no time to sew, I'm most productive when I squeeze *something* in. I'm looking forward to see the bag! I've just started to utilize the decorative and lettering stitches on my machine. - Kellie