Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Half Done

So far so good. But sewing for the boys is easy. DS#1's jeans are okay. It's his first wearable muslin with the new alterations for growth, and the denim is not my fave. It's stiff and straight from the Walmart $1 table. However, now that the muslin basically fits, I'm going ahead and using some nice fabric for his second and third pair with minor tweaking of the side seams. DS#2's third pair are great and made from a nice, soft, medium-weight denim from a local fabric store.

DD#2 is on her third fitting as of tonight. At this point I'm tweaking the upper/mid thigh so the side seams hang perfectly straight and are a little looser. I got a little over zealous taking out some fabric and need to adjust as necessary. She really hates fitting. Getter her to stand still for five minutes while I do some measurements is pushing it and that is very annoying to me. She'll bother me to make them, but then doesn't want to the the absolute minimal effort of simply standing still for several minutes every couple of days to get a decent fit. And let's face it. She probably will make some excuse about how she doesn't like the feel anyway once they're done. However, I probably should be grateful. Getting the boys to stand still even for a second to take a pic is almost too much for them! But I'm working on that Kodak moment.


The Mahogany Stylist said...

Congratulations on your progress. I understand the challenge of getting pictures. I'll check back later. Thanks,

Kat said...

Thank you. If only there were 24 "Waking" hours in the day :) !