Thursday, October 11, 2007

Birthday Wishes!

What a great way to spend one's birthday by taking a little time out for sewing activities! Can't say that I really want, nor need, anything. DH is a charmer and always says if you want it, buy it. (Good thing I'm not a shop-a-holic!) And he really is very good about because he sometimes gets neglected due to sewing activities. Hmm...I think from his aspect it might be a little more than "sometimes". So really, I must get working on something for him too.

Aside from this aspect, I did get to put the final alterations on my first wrap version of (yeah, it's my fave again!) Simplicity 4076. Perhaps there will be a chance to cut it out today from the embroidered Slinky fabric. I finished up DD#2's second pair of jeans too. He's thrilled with the side pockets, but next time will make the opening a little longer for him. Tomorrow his third pair will definitely get cut out. I'm going to take a little ease out of the waistband of his master pattern because the gathering at the waist, IMO, is a bit much.

Off to cutting.


Rhoto said...

Happy Birthday to You!!
Sounds like you're having a FUN & nurturing Day!
Warm greetings,
Rhonda in Montreal

Kat said...

Thanks, Rhonda! Too bad it's coming to an end :( .

The Mahogany Stylist said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I absolutely love birthdays, special days when there is no pressure. Just laid back and easy going.