Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where's My Wonder Notion?

Who knows why it's hard to get Wonder Tape anymore, but I sure do miss it. It's a must-have notion for installing zippers in fleece garments and my DH's jacket has a very long front zipper.

On his KS jacket, the raw edges of the fabric where the zipper is installed are left raw and I hate that. It looks so...homemade :( . So I decided to bind the raw edges down the CF with bias tape. I think this was a wise decision. It made it easier to install the zipper with a minimal roller coaster effect from lack of Wonder Tape.

One more zipper side to go and it's done! Soon I'll post pics of his cozy jacket.

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Laura said...

I think I read on a thread on PR that there was an issue with the factory that made Wonder Tape, so all the stores weren't receiving new shipments for a while. I heard that now they're back producing it, so hopefully there will be more soon.