Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sewing and Fitness

See this:

You know what it is, right? (And I'm not talking about my machine, but what's BELOW it. Yep, it's an exercise ball. What does it have to do with sewing? Everything for me.

Sitting and standing are still painful for me, especially on a hard chair, or even a cushioned computer chair. I don't know what it is, but my neck really hurts after sitting for extended periods of time.

Two days ago, my computer chair broke. So I brought my Sissel ball out to use as my chair. It doesn't solve all my aches and pains, but it sure doesn't make them feel as bad as sitting on a hard chair, my computer chair, or sitting in my car. I'm a person who likes to be in constant movement. Whether it's twiddling my fingers, moving my legs, anything! The ball lets me "keep in motion", and I think that is good for my aches and pains.

And do you know what the plus side to this is? I woke up the next morning after using it and some ab muscles that I never knew I had were sore LOL. Or maybe that's just because I haven't been able to do any abs since the accident. Just sitting on the chair with a slight rolling motion, whether it be front to back or side to side, works the core. Today, I'm going to see if it's a suitable height for the times I'm using my sewing machine. (I just checked and it is :) !) In any case, if you want tighter, more toned abs, switch your computer chair to an exercise ball. For people like me who thrive on constant motion, and even the ones who don't, I'm sure you'll be pleased at the results over several weeks. When I'm given the okay to resume weightlifting and abs at the gym, I'm hoping that at least one part of my body, my abs, won't be in a full revolt.

Today I put the finishing touches on DH's jacket. It was supposed to be done last week, but he had issues with the sleeves. The ribbing at the bottom wasn't tight enough. This was AFTER I had used a knit stitch and finished the seam allowances--)*@#&$%)*@#&$)@#*!!! Seam ripping a knit stitch on fleece and ribbing? Puhleeeaaassseee...I'd rather be stuck with 10 sharp pins. But I did it anyway. That is what you call love!

Thank you to Laura for the update on Wonder Tape! I sure miss having it.


Sewfast said...

I've thought about using my ball, but considering how often I find pins on the floor, I decided it's too risky...I think I would hurt myself when the ball popped!

Little Sewing Alcove said...

Good for you for finding ways to keep on sewing and exercising at the same time...!! Glad it works for you. I had to laugh when I read about you ripping out a seam in knit ribbing....ulgh is right.

Anonymous said...

Check out Gaiam or Amazon websites for the Balance Ball Chair. I have often thought about having one of these myself. There is also a version on Amazon without the back piece too.