Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quick Sewing Update!

Yesterday I FINALLY put in my order to Sew Sassy for bra making supplies. I was supposed to do that two weeks ago but hesitated every day thinking there might be one more supply to add to the order. I finally placed the order and am happy about it. Next week I can get my bra done and work on Bra version 2.0.

Started a second pair of lacy panties in royal blue with black lace. Had to stop because I ran out of plush finishing elastic. Waiting for that in my order. I modified the panty pattern tweaking it here and there. Added a little bit of width at the back booty area near the crotch/back piece horizontal seam, narrowed the upper width of the back piece a smidge, raised the center back a little bit, and shortened the crotch piece about a 1/2". Let's see where these pattern alterations take me. I was thinking on my third try to cut the width of a size XS at the mid/upper side seams. We'll see. Here's the KS panty pattern I'm using, the style is the green illustration:

My swimsuit muslin has been tweaked. You'd think in nylon/lycra I wouldn't have to do anything, but no.... When am I ever able to get around alterations??? The KS swimsuit pattern as altered according to my back waist and crotch depth, but there is way too much length at the front between the shoulders and bustline. It's far too low. Then the bra shelf is far too low as well. You wouldn't believe how much I had to shorten the bra shelf, which put my boobs dangerously close to the upper edge LOL. Bra cups won't work in a bathing suit that low cut so the upper edge had to come up.

Bra cups are a mystery that is unraveling for me. I've never used them before in anything so that is a learning experience. I'm very happy to be involved in the lingerie/bra making sew along because it's very helpful as I try to work in some sort of shelf bra in my swimsuit. The bathing suit style is more of a "Baywatch" type of swimsuit in that it is a one-piece tank front and it has a low back with high-cut legs. Here is a pic of it:

At some point, I'll try to get a pic of my bathing suit muslin. Maybe within the week.

Also, my friend, Pat, just finished her Cape. It looks great! Right now I'm helping her make a matching skirt. She also has enough to whip up a vest. A complete outfit! She's going to look great in this.

Future plans for the month? A maxi dress. I have the McCall's pattern picked out, the perfect fabric picked out from my local fabric store, and I'll be the first one in my town (at least I think!) to wear one around town. The pattern will likely be a one-hit wonder for me. The maxi dress will be in this summer, and probably out in the Summer of 2010.

Last, but not least, I have been commissioned to make my niece's Christening outfit for her infant son from her wedding dress. Wish me luck! I'm not a baby clothes person so this will certainly be an interesting endeavor. I'm starting that in a week or so. Her wedding dress is in my front closet ready to go.


gwensews said...

Good luck making the bra. That seems to be the "hot" thing to sew right now. You're probably right about the maxi going out of style next year. But they are adorable. I wore them years ago, and loved them. Nothing more comfy in the summer than a long dress.

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

You go girl! I'm sure you are going to make a drawer full of those little sexies!