Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Christening Outfit, Part III: 85% complete

First, let's talk about the pattern. That Simplicity Christening outfit boy/girl pattern 5813. The instructions were great until the back, "placket" section. I'm a "visual" person and read the instructions and closely examine the pattern illustration that corresponds to the numbered item. The problem is, the illustration was a little misleading. I spent an hour scratching my head after doing the back closure part wrong. Still not sure if it is right, but it looks right so all is well.

Here's the front in it's current state:

Here's the back. Notice the ridge that needs to be pressed out on the back placket aggravation area. Dumb pattern!

Another thing, what the heck is wrong with Simplicity??? Putting a baby sleeve in, in the round instead of flat? I can't imagine using the smallest size for this pattern and machine stitching the sleeve in the round. When I do a pattern review, I'll be sure to note this.

The pattern required bias tape to turn the neckline seam to the inside. The likely purpose for this is to enclose the seam so it would be comfortable against a baby's neck. Instead of purchasing Wright's bias tape, I used bias strips cut from the dress lining. The positive of this is that the lining is thinner and softer than the bias tape. I wasn't going to do this, but when I looked at my clock and it said 2:40 with the store closing at 3, the lining called out to me, "Use me as bias tape!"

Right now I just have to work on the back closure and the snap crotch at the legs. I think I'll do buttons/buttonholes at the back. I was thinking about small snaps as well. Not sure which way I'll go, but will mull this over tonight. If anyone has any thoughts regarding snaps or small buttons, I'd appreciate posting a comment about it.

Now I'm off to examine the pattern instructions for installing the snap tape in the leg seams. I haven't used that stuff since high school!


gwensews said...

Good luck on finishing the outfit. No advice here--just good wishes.

Lindsay T said...

Looks good so far. Have you been able to look at any heirloom baby clothes sites and see if buttons or snaps are used? You could also ask the expert, Bunny of La Sewista.

Ivalyn "Tee" Jones-Actie said...

I've used a McCalls pattern for baptismal outfits for years...check out my pattern review.

susan said...

My 16 year old daughter claims her first memory is of the torture I caused her by making her lie on the buttons of back-buttoned closures - I doubt her memory really goes back that far, but I always used really flat (non-shank) buttons or snaps for her younger brother. Good luck

Lorri said...

I had the same problem with their instructions on the same outfit. I ended up modifying to fit my needs...alot easier. good luck finishing.

Mary Ellen said...

I am so glad I found your site. I am presently making this same pattern for my grandson, and the pattern is missing the page of instructions that begins the romper. I will have to buy another pattern I guess. But seeing your photos gives me the incentive to continue. I am a pretty good seamstress, but this pattern has it's instruction flaws, esp when they are missing in action. Thank you. MEG