Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Christening Outfit, Part II: Tracing/Cutting

I realized today that I neglected to post the pattern I'm using for the Christening outfit in my previous blog post. It's Simplicity 5813, view D (romper). So here is the pattern photo:

Two nights ago I was able to trace off all the pattern pieces for the Christening outfit and start cutting out the pattern pieces. Today I finished the cutting and am ready to start the sewing. Hopefully, my snap tape will arrive soon because the actual sewing of this is very easy.
The traced pattern pieces:
The pattern pieces/fabric all cut out:
Oddly enough, I can't believe there doesn't seem to be mention of interfacing in the collar and leg cuffs. Is this standard for baby apparel? I'm thinking of just putting in some P/P sheer interfacing anyway. Also, I'll need some tiny buttons and bias tape so I'm hoping to get that in town.

In other news, I did take a trip to Walmart and picked up McCall's 5893:
I loved 3kid's version of this in her pattern review and had to get it. There's this great knit at Gorgeous Fabrics that I'm dying to have for this dress. I did have a beautiful border print in my stash purchased from EOS about two years ago, but only have 1 1/2 yards! I need 2 :( . Oh well. The fabric is aging beautifully. It WILL become something, someday. Wouldn't it be great if I could make this maxi dress *THIS* summer when it's in style??? We'll see...we'll see...


Lorri said...

I make blessing outfits *rompers* for boys all the time. None of them ever have interfacing...they really don't need it IMHO. They are so much fun to make. Here's a link to the ones I've made.

Lorri said...

I's not www. it is
sorry, I don't know how to post the link correctly. Just my version. What are you making your rompers out of?

Lorri said...

I"m sorry, if I had read your earlier post I would have seen what you were making it from....I'll stop buggin you now...good luck..It'll be one cute suit!

robin said...

LOL on the making the maxi dress *this* summer - I keep collecting maxi dress fabrics, and now I've even traced and cut out the maxi dress pattern (petite, no less!) from the July BWOF, but I have yet to actually SEW the maxi dress. Ugh. I am a slacker.