Thursday, October 7, 2010

TNT for Quick Gratification.

I needed to sew something--FAST. A no thinking, no fuss kind of project. So I whipped up another CJ Wrap Top in a black, panne velvet fabric purchased from a PR Weekend a few years ago. I'll detail the construction in a future review, but here it is:

The skirt was a self-drafted one I whipped up in January. My feeling was that it needed a close-fitting top instead of the loose style black sweater knit top I was wearing with it. Also, after looking at the pics, perhaps the skirt could be a wee bit shorter. My Babylock serger is still on layaway, and my original hem was a rolled, serger hem. I'll continue to mull over the hemline length while paying off my machine.
*ETA*, my husband doesn't like this outfit. He said it makes me look, well, "chunky". There is something that is off. I'm trying to follow fashion advice and not end the hemline at my widest point, just a little bit above. The problem is, I'm short waisted so there's not a lot of room to play around with above the hipline. Please do a critical analysis and let me know. Maybe the skirt should be shorter? That was my initial thought. Maybe the hemline of the top is simply too high. It appears my entire outfit is cut in half, but I'm not sure of the right fix for a good look. Opinions wanted, please.
The top was supposed to be a dress, but I just didn't have enough fabric. It's just as well. I have a black velvet, Textile Studio Madison Avenue dress in my closet anyway that I forgot about.
On to my next projects...the skirt for my daughter which I temporarily shelved due to exasperation and a Simplicity pattern pulled out of my stash for alterations and sizing decisions.
Stay tuned on those and Happy Sewing!


Mary said...

You truly want feedback? I like both the top and the skirt, but not together. The panne velvet calls for a sleek, solid colored skirt or slack, IMHO. I think your husband is seeing the variation in the nap, and the gathers of the top, and seeing "chunky" (which you are NOT). The skirt's pattern is distracting, and the eye has nowhere to rest when paired with the top. I think the skirt would look wonderful with a silk blouse or tailored shirt in a solid gold or bronze color.

OK, I'm taking a chance and hitting Publish your comment.

Melissa said...

I agree with Mary. I'll add that the long sleevs, especially in a dark shirt, over that cute light-colored skirt don't do you any favors. Add in that the shirt and skirt have gathers/pleating that go different directions and it's not a good combo.

The black shirt would look better over some tighter jeans or a pencil skirt without pleats. Your skirt asks for something more form-fitting on top.

A tailored shirt, or a nice top with a chunky necklace would look much better with the skirt. You are NOT chunky, but the overall effect of these two pieces together does make it look like you might be hiding some extra weight.

Melissa in FL

Kat said...

Please keep honest opinions coming :) ! I appreciate the feedback 'cuz I knew that something wasn't quite right. Thank you, Mary and Melissa. I'm going to try to rework these separates into different outfits using your notes. Very helpful!

Uta said...

I'd try a belt over the top, to break up the "halves". But chunky??? You're not, and not looking it, imo.

Kat said...

Thank you so much, ladies! My husband said, "Get rid of that picture FAST!"

meredithp said...

Definitely NOT chunky, but I think probably as you and others have mentioned, the frosty and velvety nap combined with the gathers might be the culprit. Still don't think it makes you look chunky.

I agree that the 1/3 2/3 proportion thing (which seems to work) is not in evidence here, although I love the skirt length on you. That looks like the perfect hemline level. Maybe the top is just not long enough, but as others have said, the velvet and my hero Tim Gunn would say..."that's a lotta look."

I love both pieces though. And I wish I were as "chunky" as you. :-)