Friday, October 1, 2010

The Swimsuit's Done!

With Jake's "help", my floral swimsuit is done. I'm really liking this one, and it's thisclose to TNT. I lowered the front neckline a 1/4" on the pattern for the next version and will try B-cup sized swimsuit bra cups. I'm normally a C, but feel the C-cups could fit a little better. Very acceptable, but trying the B that's in my stash will provide me with a good comparison. When I ordered the cups, I just didn't know which size to get so I got both the B and the C.

Here is the swimsuit all done:

And here is a pic of a leg opening using my coverstitch machine:

I loved using the coverstitch machine because it will eliminate the tendency to "pop" because of the inherent stretch in the coverstitched hems. A conventional sewing machine is simply adequate for swimsuit contruction, but the coverstitch rules with topstitching.

I'll try to model it in a week or so.

Thank you, everyone, for the comments on Jake. I could blubber on about him all day but have to keep it under control :) . Kim, I always wanted a black cat too! My second choice was orange. We've had white, black and white bi-color, a seal point, and blue/grey Persians for many years until they all died of old age. This time it had to be black or orange.


Kathy said...

ok, now I want a coverstitch machine!!!
Beautiful job on the swimsuit and the colors are amazing!

Designer Swimwear said...

Great job! Congratulations!