Sunday, March 7, 2010

Trouble with my Burda blouse

I have to de-stress before bedtime. I'm having trouble with a Burda blouse from a Burda WOF, and it has nothing to do with sewing it. My sewing mojo for this particular project is rapidly disappearing so I'm in a hurry to get it done.

Why? Because this is the second time I've picked an inappropriate fabric for it. The first was 100% cotton that is simply too crisp and doesn't have nice enough drape. The second and current is a brown, crinkle cotton with drape, but it is simply darn ugly and has a certain degree of "stretch" because of the vertical crinkles. A few of the mojo loss reasons are: My shoulder seams are falling off in a noticeable way because of the crinkle "stretch", the fabric is a "What was I thinking of???" type of piece when I bought it, and the fabric itself had a fade line repeat which annoyed the heck out of me and couldn't be avoided on the back piece.

A few days ago, I was seriously thinking of tossing it. Then I said no, now I'm thinking of tossing it again. Life is too short to play around with ugly fabric. Perhaps save the buttons and move on. This is NOT an enjoyable project.


Sewfast said...

Dear Kat,
I agree, life is too short to mess around with ugly fabric that is giving you so much grief. If your're not likeing it now, is it going to be the blouse you grab to wear? Let it go and move on my friend!

Alexandra said...

I agree, life is too short. You called the fabric "ugly" and "inappropriate [for this pattern]" - what's the point of forcing yourself to work on a project you don't like only to end up with a garment you won't wear?
I'd say toss it and make something beautiful and enjoyable that you will be happy to share.

Anonymous said...

lol - toss it!! Life is too short and time is too precious.