Sunday, March 14, 2010

Death of the Brown Blouse

It's official. Thank you, dear readers, my Burda blouse has officially achieved Wadder status. Why I ever went through with this crazy idea (after I bought a brown, fancy, lightweight turtleneck the same color for $6 on a clearance rack at Penney's), I'll never know. Truly, it should be chalked up to a brain injury.

I'm even embarrassed to post the ugly wadder, but here it is. I mean, have you ever seen something so..."ugly"? It's not the style because I love the Burda BWOF pattern. Just haven't found the perfect fabric for this top. The first was too stiff and this had the drape, but the crinkle cotton is a pain to work with, and the color is just so not me. The fabric had a fade line flaw too. I tried to accent the brown with blue thread and purchased matching blue buttons, but is just wasn't working. Anyway, the pattern will get made one day in the perfect fabric for the style.

On to new things. I took my friend, Stacey, out to lunch the other day, and we stopped at Walmart to pick up some odds and ends. Now, here's the bad news. Our Walmart finally got hit with "changes" in the fabric department. It's downsized with only one wall of fabric. This Walmart actually had a decent amount of beautiful cottons. It's a shame, a crying shame. Customers are mad, the employees are upset, but at least Stacey was able to pick out two colored cotton prints for some lightweight head wraps. She said the chemo fleece hats are now too hot since the weather is starting to warm up. I told her to pick out two cottons she liked, and I bought them and whipped them up into scarves today.

This gave me the opportunity to use my narrow hem foot. The last time I used this foot was maybe 7 years ago? I made a top for DD#1 (now 18) when she was in 5th grade, and I used the foot for the sleeves only to be put back in my foot box until today. It was perfect for the head scarves. It took a little practice again to get the feeding right, into what I call "the chute", but it's such an excellent little foot that gives beautiful results.

Here are the scarves in the cotton prints she picked:

And here's a closeup of that lovely, rolled hem. So neat and tidy!

Now I'm currently working on a custom order for 20 sports headbands made out of 2 layers of 100 weight Polarfleece for a softball team. Everything was cut today, so I'm just waiting for the list with the embroidery info. My machine will be smokin' this week!

BTW, have you seen Alexandra's dress? (I have to change my text colors because if you click on the words "Alexandra's dress" it will take you to her blog post.) It totally rocks! I'm really going to have to bite the bullet and buy this pattern this Spring.

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Alexandra said...

Twenty headbands? You must have the patience of a saint!
Thanks for the shout-out.