Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sewing and the Spine

Thank you, everyone, for your comments and good wishes. My aches, soreness, and occasional dull pains still plague me in the neck and shoulder area with mild intermittent headaches and slight sinus pressure. Yes, the other lady was insured by the same company as me. I've discussed options with an attorney. Still waiting to hear about my van. If you saw the crumpled front of her car, you'd get an idea with the amount of force that hit my van. Let me tell you, this stuff is really a pain in the a$$. One thing the attorney brought up was massage therapy in addition to the chiropractor. I never thought about that. My chiro is not a fan of muscle relaxants and neither am I. As she says, "The heart is also a muscle." I don't want to be relaxing all my muscles, just my neck and shoulders, so the muscle relaxant prescription still sits on my counter, and I don't plan on filling it. There is a massage therapy place near me so I will check that out today.

DD#1 had X-rays two weeks ago at the chiro. Then she had another set the day of the accident. I'll let the chiro check out both sets. As she was adjusting my daughter, she said her current back pain is definitely the result of the accident.

Off the topic of the stupid car accident, good news! I finished my khaki pants from my "elusive" perfect pants patterns. This was my custom, self drafted pattern I worked on last year. (Yes, I did say last year...). I'll take pics soon. Made great progress on DH's jacket. Traced off the pattern for my Vogue retro jacket, and finished cutting out the fabric and interfacing for my Burda blouse. Which reminded me as I was cutting it out--only work with great fabric. Life is too short for crappy stuff. I hope I don't regret using this brown, crinkly cotton for the Burda blouse. Pics are coming!

More later.

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Little Sewing Alcove said...

Kat, so sorry to hear about your accidents. I work for a personal injury attorney, so I work with people in your condition all day. I truly believe in massage therapy for those sore muscles -- and keep up seeing the chiropractor. No-fault benefits will pay for the massage and chiro, at least they do in New York. Good Luck!! Can't wait to see those pants finished....I've yet to make pants that I'm happy with! Take care of yourself and your kids...(like you need to be reminded of that).