Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cats Play Fetch!


This was supposed to be a sewing post, but I wanted to share what comes naturally to many Devon Rex cats: Playing Fetch!

No cat I ever had (pre Jake) played fetch. I think most don't. Jake didn't need any training, he simply went right to it. He played fetch with my husband at the beginning of December, then kind of stopped. We think we found out why. He has a preference for his toy mice. We have small mice which are too hard and big soft fat mice that don't fit in his mouth. He likes our little soft medium-sized one and will play fetch for the longest time with it.

Today I took a little video clip of what Jake does best :) . Skeptics take note: Cats do indeed play fetch. Enjoy! (Just don't look at my walls or woodwork...painting and new moulding comes after I make my curtains from the fabric I bought before Christmas.)


Cathi said...

Hey! Our little Zoe isn't the only cat that does that! Cool!
I have never heard of another cat that plays fetch. Our little tabby has been doing it for years, first with pencils and such and now with plastic rings from juice or milk cartons.
It's nice to know she's not alone.

Cisa said...

He's so cute! I was this video over on Pattern Review and just loved it

Keely said...

One of our cats wanders around the house in the middle of the night carrying her ball of wool and meowing LOUDLY until someone wakes up to play with her.

meredithp said...

Cutest cat ever! Yes, it's very important to find the perfect mouse, isn't it Jake?