Monday, October 26, 2009

The Feel of Suede

Quick note:

Meredith asked:

"Forgot to ask: does he feel like suede? There is fur there, but I wondered what texture he feels like. Completely adorable, but he's going to have trouble hiding any weight gain from the vet :-)"

Thanks for asking, Meredith :) . Yes, he does feel like suede. Yet softer. Our little kitty is molting so he's actually losing fur in a few spots. He doesn't have much fur to begin with! His full coat will take two years to come in. His father and mother feel like...Minky! Short, soft dense fur. However, I think each Devon's fur is slightly different.

I've forgotten how active little kittens are, and this is an exceptionally active breed. Our schedules have been changed around to accommodate his kittenhood. DD#2 is getting a lesson on "parenting".

Excuse me...must attend to our little boy's needs... :) .


Sewfast said...

That is such a good lesson on parenting for kids...when we got our dog Kodi as a pup, I did most of the care as Sara was very busy with activities (it was her senior year) One night she said, "Kodi is MY dog, I want him to sleep with ME!" I was more than happy to turn him 6:00 a.m when she came knocking at my door, her hair all a mess, begging me to take him, I said "Remember this...this is what having a baby is like!" Maybe that's why I'm not a Grandma yet!!!

Lindsay T said...

That kitten is adorable!

meredithp said...

We've always started out with kittens, but our current generation we adopted adults. Wow! I'm glad we did! We never would have survived kittenhood. Such busy, cute little creatures...that have a death wish! Your little dude is adorable. Thanks for answering my "fur" question.