Friday, November 9, 2007

Just in time.

The tops are done! Finished just in time for PR Weekend shopping tomorrow. Just one little problem--it's way to cold for my duro top! Yikes. So I'm bringing along two outfits for Sunday just in case maybe it will get warmer than it's supposed to. And last year was so beautiful we were walking around with no jackets in the afternoon. Perfect weather and sunshine. This year it's a bit different.

Anyway, here are the tops. I'll edit my review for the scoop on these two next week.


kasizzle said...

Both tops are great, but I love, love, love the duro one!

Rhoto said...

Have a WONDERFUL time on the PR NYC week-end!! Looking foward to reading all about your experiences!
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

The Mahogany Stylist said...

Both tops are beautiful. The duro is my favorite.