Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An "Interesting" Discovery

It was interesting to me at first, then a bit disturbing when I was viewing a recent JC Penney ad.  I'm not sure, but I think it might be a case of photo trickery.  So I decided to ask my husband.

Here are two pics from a recent ad.  Look at the models on these two pages.  Yes, three of the four pics are of the same girl.  But look at the thighs.  They look almost identical in all four pics.  All four have that "inner thigh gap" as if thighs should not be touching.  Each picture appears to have an indent about 4" below the crotch line.  Forget trying to slide a manilla folder between their legs, you could slide a 2X4 right through without it every touching their thighs lol!  Very few people I know have thighs like that.  There are some but they are a tiny minority.

Point is, I hate advertising like this.  As if they pants they sell are going to make us normal people look like we have this huge inner thigh gap.  Or like it's even desired.  It's not normal.  Not that it's abnormal, it's just not a mainstream look and most women and teens I know are simply not built this way.  Except for that very small minority.

Now, look at a model from another JC Penney ad.  It was either the same ad or maybe a week or two apart.  This model has realistic hips and thighs.  They are fuller and normal looking.  No, not heavy at all.  Simply normal like the way many of us are built.

Please JC Penney, use young teens in your ads that have thighs built like the majority.  Go for the manilla-folder-could-fit-between-the-thighs look.  Not a stinkin' 2X4.  And if these pics were photoshopped like many are, shame on you.  

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