Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maybe I Should Live in Florida

Hot weather and humidity are the bane of my existence. Both do not agree with my skin, nor my hair. But...I sure love making swimsuits. So maybe if I ever did move to Florida, I could forget about making clothes and just make and wear swimsuits all the time :) .

All I have to do is topstitch the neckline, armholes, and leg openings on my current suit. Pulling out my Coverstitch tomorrow and setting it up in matching thread to do just that. Then I can model it and throw it in the drawer for next summer. A few matching pareos would be nice, too, and the perfect mesh is in my stash just for that purpose.

More later. Happy Sewing!


~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

I'm so jealous! To dream....a coverstitch machine...hmmm.... Girl, I remember going to FL when I got on the plane in MD my hair was flawless when I stepped off in FL I looked like a poodle!

meredithp said...

I spent my first 40 years in Florida, and contrary to popular belief, swimsuits are not daily attire. And we also wore shoes. :-)

When I moved to NC, I didn't own a sweater. Of course I do now, but I love seasons so much, having come to them late in life.

Florida--a nice place to *visit*!