Sunday, August 1, 2010

Third Time's a Charm!

For about an hour last night and an hour today, I've made much progress on my third try at my swimsuit. I tried it on tonight and really think third time's a charm! This one will be a wearable swimsuit. There's a pretty floral print in my stash so I'm going to make another one right after this one. Just minor tweaks from here on out like a little more lower bum coverage, tighter side seams from the waist up, and slightly deeper shoulder seams.

Good thing is, I'm right on track. Here are some pics of my progress last night and today. Now it just needs some permanent stitching in the basted areas and elastic at the armholes, neck, and leg openings.

Hand basted the front lining to the front:

Working on the bra lining and cups:
Front is finished with bra shelf and everything's in place for final stitching lines:

I used 1" non-roll elastic at the bra shelf bottom. I need something heavy duty and secure in this area, and the swimsuit elastic wasn't cutting it. I'll need to check some online sources for a better bra lining elastic that will hold up well.

Off to work on some permanent stitching and measuring elastic...

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