Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Painting Day 2

Every spare minute today was spent painting. Football camp ended early because of storms, I hurried at the gym to finish my workout, and the rest was with a paintbrush or roller in hand.
Here's the update...
DS#2 painting the chair rail.
Working ont the first wall:

Almost ready for sponge painting on the lighter part:

We almost finished the wall below but were too pooped to finish. I wanted to work with my sponge and glaze but know better than to do at at 11:30 pm. We're off to bed.

Tomorrow we will try to get baseboard trim at the lumberyard. We'll need to paint that, pry off the old, and nail in the new.

This is for Kim: Oh one has ever complimented me on my home dec skills or lack thereof LOL. My sister inherited my gene in addition to hers and that's why she's worked in the Interior Decorating business for the past 15-20 years. All I know is, the color matches my living room carpet, it will be much different from what I've lived with the past 22 years, and I'll like it even if no one else does ;) . I remember the time my MIL told me she was painting her walls a peach color, and I was thinking, "Peach?!?!" But it looked great! She had a teal carpet and the color combo blended so well together. So much for my thoughts! All I know is I need some color in my house, and color I will get :) . I think tomorrow we'll have one wall finished with the glaze and chair rail so that will be a good preview of the overall look of the room.

Connie, I will be more than happy to send my son over. He would love to go on a Canadian vacation and might find farm life a lot of fun. He'll paint and do the manly stuff. He loves it. However, he needs to mow the lawn first ;) .

Thanks for the comments, everyone. It's keeping me going with my paint job until it's finished. I'm motivated to see it done!


Toocutedobs said...

In our last house I lived with neutral colors in anticipation of moving soon--for 10 years! This time I said we are painting the house like WE like it even if we move tomorrow. So from Home Depot our main living area is "pumpkin spice", the kitchen above chair rail is "butter cookie" below is "cheyenne spice" and the laundry room also "butter cookie". The master bedroom was painted Lowe's "Laura Ashley Gold #3, but this did not work in this room. So one re-do--if I ever figure what color I would like :) So go for it and love it! Don't waste 10 years with paint colors for somebody else.

Anonymous said...