Saturday, May 22, 2010

Prom 2010, Young Fashion Eye Candy, Prom Dress Alterations

It's that time of year again--The Prom! (Can it really be 26 years since "MY" Senior Prom???) My oldest is experiencing that wonderful time of her Senior year, those end-of-the-year festivities. (On a motherly note, I just ordered her graduation announcements.) This year she attended two proms. The first was last week with her guy friend. This was his Senior Prom, not hers. Don't think he's a boyfriend in the true sense of the word, but she's a picky girl like her mama and doesn't want to take just anyone. Neither did he, because according to his Facebook page, he doesn't like dumb girls.

Here's they are in their prom finery:

I had to go on a field trip last week for DS#1, so my mother took care of prom activities for me.

She told me a cute story when he came over to pick up DD#1. He wasn't dressed for the prom, but had his tux in a bag in his car. As soon as he came through the door, DD#1 was making her way down the stairs and he looked up, his smiled a broad smile and gave a most approving look ;) . Like a Wow! moment. He quickly dressed for the moment so my mom could take pics. She snapped a couple of good ones below:

Fast forward one week later to today! My daughter went dateless to her own prom because according to her, "There's no one I want to go with from my school." The guy she went with last week had a previous committment for this weekend. So now I present you with some 2010 Prom Fashion Eye Candy. It was so cool because no one had the same color dress.

Here's DD#1 today modeling the bustle I created for her. We experimented with different effects, but this is what she wanted:

Here are the first pics from this afternoon. The beautiful girls modeling the front of their dresses:

And now the backs:

Here is DD#1 with one of her lovely friends. I created her bustle as well, and rehemmed her dress. She paid $60 to have her dress hemmed by someone else and it was uneven and too long on the sides (the sides only and I don't know why.). I told her I wouldn't charge her a dime UNLESS she told other people ( BEFORE the prom) I was doing some of her alterations. I certainly didn't need a slew of requests because I'm still very busy with doctor and physical therapy appts. as my arm and torn tendons are still healing. There's only so much work I can do and do comfortably. I'm not going to push it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cutouts on her dress too.
Another pic of DD#1:

After 15-20 minutes of parents taking pics, the "limo" arrived. This morning I asked her how many people were going in the limo and she said about 25. 25?!?! What limo seats 25??? It was a limo BUS!!! Here is DD#1 expression after she saw the interior of the limo bus.

I had the same response! Check out a view of the limo inside:

Here is the entire group of girls in front of the limo bus. An absolutely gorgeous group, and all totally different and lovely gowns.

And finally, DD#1 asked a mom to take a pic of us both. Now why didn't I think this would happen? I would have picked a different purse LOL, one that matched. Instead I have a big epipen sticking out of the front, a huge purple key loop on my arm, and a big, ugly elbow brace. Didn't think about that at the time. At least I'm wearing a shirt I made :) !

Last but not least, I leave you with the bustle I created for her friend. We experimented with different effects and she chose this. I found two perfect, crystal colored buttons that matched her dress perfectly. Since she had a CB zip, I had to attach the buttons to the side of the sip. I tacked Timtex interfacing to the back for stability when attaching the buttons. The loops were *supposed* to be serger chains using decorative thread in the upper looper, but as I was threading my serger it decided to pop a spring from the knife. #*(@#*$(@*(#$&* So...I simply took three strands of Decor 6 decorative thread and braided it. I created two loops for the buttons to attach the bustle once the dress was zipped. I also stitched a "security loop" from black ribbon on the inside of the bustle just in case of a wardrobe malfunction (broken loops). Those loops were really stitched in well so I don't think loop failure will occur, but better to be safe than sorry.

And a final note to Connie! You SHOULD have kidnapped me for fabric shopping!!! I'm SO sorry I missed you guys in Philly, but here's a very positive note: DD#1 is going to college in Philly :) . So I'll be down there a lot. So looking forward to next year, and I missed seeing the sewing group very much.


Karen said...

That is a LOT of prom prettiness. And you shouldn't worry about what you were wearing in the picture with your daughter - you both look gorgeous and happy, and I can't imagine how proud of her you are.

PR weekend isn't going to be in Philly next year (I don't think I can do that again!) but all you need to do is give me a little warning and I can muster up a half dozen or so locals and we can pretend. You would have loved London Textiles.

Email me at karen6790 @ msn . com when you get a chance. I don't have your email or contact and this way I can let you know when we're planning stuff, and vice versa.

Toocutedobs said...

What wonderful memories these photos will be for both of you. Everyone is beautiful, young and happy! Thanks for sharing with us, your photos brought a smile to my face.

Cennetta said...

Adsolutely beautiful. The ladies were beautiful on prom as they should be.