Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm NOT Stupid!

I'm not stupid, but today I certainly felt like I was. I was stitching out two embroidery designs today. One is the original, one is a mirror image of a pointsettia design. The first one was beautiful. The second had some wonky stitching and I just didn't like it. The third one I must have pressed one too many buttons and put in the wrong thread color because I know the thread color order by heart. The fourth one I *thought* I forgot to mirror image the design when I stopped, then started back up again mid point later on. But...on the FIFTH stitchout, I realized somehow the design probably went bad on my CF card.

I've wasted a tremendous amount of bobbin thread and half the day doing this
@*#(*&*#* design. It's very frustrating because I waited three weeks for my machine to get fixed and now I'm backlogged with work. Christmas deadlines you know. Tomorrow morning I'm deleting the design from my card and downloading it again. Ugh!

I just HAD to vent!


Connie B said...

Vent away my friend! Don't you just hate those kinds of days?! Sending good poinsettia thoughts your way..

meredithp said...

Technology can be so humbling, can't it. Of course you're not stupid. Just the "machines" exerting their power :-)

angie.a said...

LOL. I've SO been there. It makes you want to go toss the whole thing in the garbage!

You're a good friend to make the chemo caps for your friend Stacey, I'll be thinking of her in prayer too. I hope she has good news soon.

ps..Kitty jake is SO cute!!

Nishant said...

Just the "machines" exerting their powe

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