Thursday, August 6, 2009


52, 34, 33, 32, 22, 16, 14, 11, 10 !!!

Yes, that's right. Numbers! I've never liked them, never cared for math, Algebra, Geometry, etc. And at my age, they still bog me down. What is the significance of those numbers I have posted? They're the number of blog posts needing to be read in some of my blogfeeds!!! It's the same feeling like when you get behind on a project and feel like you'll never catch up. Or the thought of a delicious weekend, only to find you don't want to step on the scale and face the music. It's why I don't own a scale and haven't owned one in 20 years LOL.

At some point in time I'm going to catch up. Slowly but surely I've been reading and muddling my way through blog posts.

All while working on a second swimsuit muslin (this one might actually be wearable!). The first one was obscenely low. The inner bra is what bogs me down. I need it to be just right and I'm very particular about it.

Yesterday I wore my second pair of panties to assess my pattern modifications. They're a little loose in the back, that was after I tweaked the pattern. At first, I was thinking the back was just too big so I took out some length. Now what I think is that the front is simply too long at the crotch as I've examined some RTW panties for the front crotch seamline. It seems like it falls 1.5-2" farther back than it should. I think I'll add back the length I took off on the back and simply shorten that front crotch area. This will be for panty no. 3. If I find that it simply isn't too my liking, I'm going to drop down a size. I've found my measurement for my KS bathing suit points to a Medium, but there's no way this size worked on my figure and I dropped down to a Small which is much better. I'm thinking the panties might be the same way. I used a Small panty size but think an XSmall might work better. We'll see.

Three days ago I whipped up another dress from my McCall's maxi dress pattern. This is the mini dress version. Pics are forthcoming but my camera battery died :( . Must purchase a new one.

More later.


Gail said...

i thought they might be the winning lottery numbers!?

Anonymous said...

I always find my sizes in RTW swimsuits and panties are off by at least a size in the larger direction, so it isn't surprising that it's true of patterns, too. I think that companies are overly broad with the range of sizes that each interval attempts to fit. Best of luck with your adjustments, it sounds like just the thing.
By the way, I am dying to know how you love your new Coverpro! I am eagerly awaiting your review. M.

Keely said...

I totally sympathise about the blog post backlog. Good luck with the swimsuit. I don't know if I'd have the courage to try making one for myself although that hasn't stopped me buying patterns... At the mo, I am trying to find time to make a long sleeved top for the rest of our winter, lol.

Cennetta said...

You are not alone. My numbers are totally out of control. I guess slowly but surely will have to do.