Friday, July 16, 2010

Public Service Announcement: No More Acne!

For the past 3 or 4 months, I've been looking in the mirror every morning very pleased with what I see. Or actually, what I DON'T see LOL.

Someone once asked me when I find the solution for adult acne to share my secret. I don't profess to know any sure solution, but what has worked for me has been nothing short of amazing. My adult acne has cleared up 95%.

Here's the story in brief:

Last Fall the personal trainer and I worked together to make slight tweaks in my exercise program. It was the yearly complimentary "birthday" session that my gym gives to its members. While going over my program, the trainer asked me about my eating plan which he was very pleased with, but not at all pleased with what I drink. About 2 cups of half-caff coffee a day, and about one diet soda/day. He wanted me to drink lots more water, get rid of the soda and coffee, but I thought I'd float away with tons of water and spend a lot of time in the ladies' room. I told him, "This is my once vice. I can't kick it." He commented that after 40, we start to dry up and shrivel up.

After my car accident in January I was plagued with post-concussion syndrome headaches also related to severe whiplash. In March, my chiro asked me if I was getting enough fluids. I said, "Sure!" and proceeded to tell her what I told the trainer. She issued me a challenge. Rid yourself of diet soda and the artificial sweeteners. At that point I had also lost all my taste for coffee due to the accident, along with artifically sweetened bottle waters, and bagels with cream cheese. Yeah, very weird.

I told her I didn't think I could do it--was a VERY tall order. She said to try it for a week. And here it is 4 months later and I've been diet soda, artificial sweetener, and caffeine free for that long. It's hard. Very hard. I still crave soda and think I always will. But now I drink tons of water. My taste for coffee has come back about 60% but I only drink decaf now. My sweetener of choice is Stevia. Not Splenda, not Nutrasweet.

No, I still have headaches that are minimal now. They didn't magically go away because of the challenge. But what DID happen is my skin has turned amazingly clear!!! Rarely is cystic acne a problem now, and it is a rare day that I have a zit. And they're not ugly ones either. My skin has cleared up 95%, and it's like nothing short of a miracle.

I'm still taking Retin-A. That's what my dermatologist prescribed to help reduce the acne, but it never worked as well as avoiding what's listed above. Still take Finacea for mild rosacea. But nothing has given me the beautiful, clear skin I currently have.

Just posting this because either caffeine, artificial sweeteners, or both appear to be the prime culprit(s) for my adult acne problem. Avoiding them has given me almost miraculously clear skin. For the first time since I was 12, I've had the longest time period of almost zit-free skin. If this can help someone else, it's worth posting.

Obviously, this won't solve the problem for everyone, but if it helps even just one person, then I'm happy. Excuse me while I take a swig of my water...


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Doris W. in TN said...

That's great that your trainer knew what might be aggravating the acne ---- hooray!!! I know you're happy.

When my sister was a teenager, she had mild-to-moderate acne and the doctor told her to only drink clear liquids like water or sprite (no coke, tea, etc.) , and to avoid cheeses with coloring, like cheddar. She didn't require an Rx, but gave up the foods he suggested, and her skin cleared up.

Gail said...

Good for you! I don't think anything makes you feel as crappy as those huge cysts on your face!

I use Retin-A for mine as well, plus I use a clindamycin phosphate gel. I have a small cyst right now, but otherwise my skin is clear, as it generally is nowadays.

Another hint: Do NOT use soap on your skin! The tallow, at least in my case, causes blackheads which can evolve into a cystic zit.

Again, good for you!

Regards, Gail D.

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

Thanks for the update. That was probably me that was asking. I had found a spot treatment that works really well by bareescentuals, however, the acne was still coming back. Well, my doctor thinks it might be my hormon levels. I go in on the 28 the have them checked. I think I'm entering the perimenopause phase. I thought I was too young, guess not. My skin will be clear and then all of a sudden break outs and most are not pimples but more sore bumps beneath my skin that go away on their own, kinda cysts like. I have insomnia, pain in my joints, my apetite is up then down, and occasional hot flashes, but not very often. My diet is very good, so I know it's not that. My cycle went from clock work to twice a month, 19 day, 21 days, who knows....I just started taking a hormone balancing supplement so I'll let you know how that works