Friday, October 16, 2009

This One's for Hayley, Part II: The "Granny" Machine

The past few posts I've mentioned the happiness of getting my MIL's 1970's Kenmore 158 series machine in a cabinet, followed by my dismay that the machine was destined for the junk pile because of a gear gone bad. I still wanted the cabinet, and the dealer tech called me back 3 days after declaring the machine dead telling me a Kenmore just came in and was an orphan that would fit perfectly in my machine and worked just fine. It only needed a tuneup.

So, for the $55 tuneup and $20 for the machine, I've added a backup machine which I'm loaning out to Hayley for a while so she can learn how to sew. Today I used it for the tree stand cover I'm making for Rich. The machine is very easy to use, has great stitching, and is a very good basic machine for beginner. Not complicated, no bells and whistles, just good solid stitching on an all-metal machine. It didn't come with any accessories, but I priced the zipper foot at $6. Perhaps a buttonhole foot, but right now I'm just waiting for the manual I ordered off the Internet. The model number for this machine is 158.13170. Wish I had the year but I don't.

I've read how some people name their machines. I've never named my machines, but if I had to, this one would be "Granny". A dependable Granny, no frills, never let-you-down kind of machine. She hides in her cabinet when not in use, and comes out when you want her help and really spreads out with a nice work area. Granny is going to a temporary home tomorrow to help teach a new generation how to sew.

Before Granny goes, here are some pics of her:

Here she is "hiding". I do have plans to eventually paint and maybe stencil the desk. New handle, of course, too. She's been wiped clean with Liquid Gold.

Below, Granny pops out with a flip of the lid. Notice that nice work area to the left!

Here's a better angle of the work surface next to the machine:

A closeup of Granny. Yes, she's 70's olive green. The exterior tells her true age, but internally she's doing might fine. The dings I mentioned before are to the right of the throat plate and covered with a thin, adhesive pad for now. The dealer put that on.

So glad you could stop by and meet her! More later. I'm having issues with the tree stand cover and maybe some bright and helpful bloggers could help me find an appropriate solution to my problem. AND...I've found a seller for Burda issue 5/2009! I look forward to receiving this issue for that special blouse for DD#2.

The capris are almost done. Just have to hem them and finish the waistband. More to come.


Bella said...

She's gorgeous! Nice find. Jealous.

2BSewing: said...

Wow! SM looks shiny and looks great with the cabinet. You did well with this find. ;)

Doris W. in TN said...

Wow, a trip down memory lane! I had a Kenmore that looks exactly - or almost - like that for 15 years. I bought it in 1974, and the cabinet is identical, also.

wendy said...

That looks like a great learn to sew machine. I learned on an old Singer that swung in an out of a cabinet just like that- I loved taking it out of the cabinet to use it :-D

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