Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Not To Wear...The "Fair" Version.

Believe me, I'm certainly not one to be pointing fingers at fashion faux pas. I have quite a few myself. However, at least I *try* to dress nice. My figure flaws and imperfect body proportions are quite evident when I see my underwear clad body in a full length mirror. And I make every attempt to cover them up with the right clothes.

Funny thing is, when I go to an amusement park or community fair, I think I see the absolute worst of the worst, perfect examples of what NOT to wear. Do people not care or do they simply not know?
This year, the amusement park had some of the worst "fashion" ensembles I've seen in a long time! Maybe it's because we haven't been there in two years or I had the four kids with me last time with no opportunity to look at anyone else. This year, I went with my very fashion forward, beautiful friend who always dresses impeccably with a fab figure to boot. With three kids and is 44! Ah...sometimes we just have to sit back and envy the gene pool of the lucky ones. I took my two boys and she took her 3 kids. Now that my boys are older, I can actually enjoy going and have time to actually walk around, relax, check out the scenery so to speak.

Tonight I went to our community fair and although there were many fashion blunders, there weren't as many as the amusement park. However, I saw one that was so poor that I actually caught the person's outfit with my camera.

This is the look I absolutely loathe. It is so unflattering, all I want to do is run to her with a towel and cover her up. I want to take her by the shoulders and say, "Hey kid! Have you looked at your outfit in the mirror today??? Please, go home and tell me what you see."

What you're not seeing is the front and back views were even more unappealing than the side view. Anyway, cropped shirts are best left for the slim and trim. Did this girl even look in the mirror before she left? I can't imagine she did. She could add a nice supportive bra and rid herself of those cut off, sausage casing jeans. Is she pregnant? I seriously doubt it. But this look screams of Mr. Blackwell's worst dressed list as well as questions of is she or isn't she. The only thing I like about her outfit are her spanking white clean shoes. Must be for back to school. And if she's showing her muffin top, at least her belly skin is nice and smooth. After all, my belly skin will never be shown for public viewing post 4 kids without a tummy tuck.

As you can see, my sewing activities have been almost nil as of late. School starts Monday and I'm cramming in appointments left and right, doing back-to-school shopping, among last minute fun activities for the kids. However, that leaves me plenty of time for clothing choice/fashion analysis of the general public. Not that I have any right to be judging fashion, but some of the outfits I'm seeing make me want to choke. They're really bad. And I thought teens liked watching Project Runway and What Not To Wear. At least my girls do. Oh...shaking my head! Did her mother not see this outfit? Did she not say anything? Is her mother wearing the same "get up"?

Hmmm...I guess these are the musings of a sewing-starved woman. Nothing else to do but analyze at this point in time.

Next post to be worked on--comparison of a kid's "name brand" sewing machine and a "name brand" low-end computerized machine. Sometimes I simply can't understand how a company can put their logo on a machine that has the potential to frustrate a rank beginner as well as lure unsuspecting consumers into buying such a machine. I tell you, it has to be damn good marketing including a beautiful box. It makes me think that all companies should do away with overpriced kiddie machines considering all the issues that have the potential to cause sewing nightmares for newbies with a market niche that needs to be encouraged. After all, we want to turn on a new generation! Not turn them off to the world of sewing.

Stay tuned...


Ivalyn said...

I'm with you on this...hedious!

Cennetta said...

Yep, I with you as well. My DD and I people watch all the time and wonder what they "think" is so good about "that" outfit. Especially wearing it in public.

Nancy K said...

Pretty bad. I'm sure that you could have found dozens more what not to wears. Fairs and movie theaters seem to attract the worst in clothing.

Gail said...

I know its mean, but I often look at women and think "what were you thinking". I loath muffin tops, visible bum crack, visible panty line (especially the G-string)and black bras under light clothing. Add too much jewellery...oh don't get me started!

gwensews said...

I see this every day. EVERY DAY. Low-slung pants and midriff baring tops should be reserved for VERY YOUNG, SLENDER PEOPLE !! I don't know what people are thinking, or not thinking. Evidently there are a lot of people in denial.

Elizabeth said...

My theory is that there are many people out there that must not own a mirror. And why is it always that the overweight and out of shape like to show us so much of their bodies?

robin said...

Ughhh, that is frightening!!! It doesn't look comfortable either!