Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rotating Out a Bust Dart

This is for Elaine :) .


"I remember whole units of university classes working with rotating darts all around, but I don't remember any that addressed rotating it 'out' like this. Maybe that was because we almost never had interlock or jersey knits available for sewing back in the late 60s, early 70s."

Elaine, do you have FFRP? They cover this on p. 159 in the left column. It's SO easy to miss. In fact, I never noticed it until someone at Patternreview once asked a question and Debbie Cook responded with rotating out a bust dart. I never had the need to do it until I took Shannon's class and realized what I could use it for. I'm sure you've been to Debbie's blog--she has some of the best tutes on the Internet!

I'm no fitting guru, not by any means. So if any knowledgeable fitting/pattern drafting person can poke holes in alterations I do or post better fixes, please do! In fact, on that sleeve question you asked about, the alteration I do now is because of Sherril. I was doing the alteration a different way, but found the method she was using to be much better for me.

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goodworks1 said...

Thanks, Kat. I do have that book. And you're right, I've never noticed that, although it seems I've read the book several times, but not always in page order....

That's going to the top of my list of things to read the first time I take a break from making fake forsythia stage decor today!

Yes, Debbie Cook definitely has a gift for technical writing and photography, not to mention the gift for fitting clothing! Sherril is also a prolific stitcher who also has a lot of stick-to-it-iveness when it comes to fine-tuning fit (and explaining what she's doing to the rest of us!)

And I'm also off to reread the sleeve thing you posted about...