Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pass the Tylenol please.

Cut out Simplicity 4074--good fabric. A wrap dress. Muslin was done maybe 2 or 3 months ago?

Maybe I'll work on it tonight, maybe not. I have computer work to do, but you know what stinks? I got rear ended today coming home from errands. I had to slam on my brakes for the person who suddenly stopped in front of me, but the person behind me couldn't stop in time. He wasn't going that fast, and it seemed like he tried to stop when I was praying while looking in my rear view mirror--THUD!

Anyway, the police arrived, asked me if I was okay. Well, ya know, when someone hits you from behind one gets a little whiplash. But nothing severe for me. I just felt mildly achy when getting out of my van. Very mild headache while driving home. Nothing remotely close to a migraine. I didn't realize that the ambulance had to come to check me out. I refused treatment but have just a very slight ache from time to time. Not constant. But now I have to take my van in, get a rental car, and all that jazz. Pain in the butt. Oh well...

I will go tomorrow to the doctor just for a check as the EMT recommended. Just in case.


gwensews said...

I'm glad you you're ok. Wow. It takes only a second to change one's life. Take care.

Keely said...

Hope you're all ok at the checkup and the aches fade away quickly. Isn't it a pain when people drive too close? A few years back I had to brake suddenly for the car in front. I stopped in time but the guy behind me didn't and banged into me which pushed me into the car in front. He then drove off quickly and I (well, my insurance co.) got stuck with the repairs for both cars because there was no 'proof'. Personally, I thought the dinged in back of our van should have been proof enough.
Hope they can fix your car quickly for you.

Karen said...

Definitely take yourself in for a checkup. It can't hurt, and sometimes it takes a few days for things to develop. I work for a lawyer and I see a lot of accidents like yours where people feel fine at the time, but later on their minor aches and pains can turn out to be more serious.

Not to sound doom-and-gloomy, but gods forbid if you had to bring a lawsuit for your injuries (or even just have your insurance or the other driver's pay for any treatment), it really counts against you if you don't get yourself checked out within a reasonable period of time.

The world we live in. :)

The car can be fixed. Glad you're okay.

angie.a said...

Oh no!! Yes, you need to go get checked. You'll be really sore today. :( Hope you feel better soon!