Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Awesome and Influential People in our Lives

I've been very busy as of late with not much time for sewing my last summer garment--my linen capris. Sports occupies much of time right now with the Fall season in full swing. I am still working on my pants muslin and am ready for one more to get a decent fit, then it's time to get those capris going and be done with them.

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind with a new school year too. And because of that, I've had a lot of time to sit at games, practices, and lessons, reflecting on the incredible people that have a profound influence on my family.

There are three, if you can believe it. Not one, not two, but three! How lucky is that??? Those three people are Stacy, Jorge, and Mo.

I'll start with Stacy. She is a friend and DD#2's pitching coach. I've known her for about 4 years now. She is an extremely hard-working single mom, a loving mother, and a great influence for all her pitching students. She is a perfect example and role model of how hard work, determination, and a positive attitude can help one achieve their goals. Although she has had some down moments over the last two years, she keeps going and is one tough cookie. She may not always feel like it, but she really is. She always sees the sunny side of things even through tough moments.

She gives her time freely, takes an interest in her students, and is always there for them. She doesn't clock watch and frequently tries to visit the girls at their games. They have never been a number to her. She is genuine--the real deal.

Label her "Awesome and Influential Person No. 1".

Then there's Jorge. I've known him maybe three years? I was introduced to him by a friend who told me that he teaches kids how to pitch and play baseball in general. The price for him to do it? Simply love of the game. How many people do you know would help a child or children other than their own simply because they love what they're doing? I have to say, I can't even fill up one hand. Really, I get to one or two and that's it. The man knows his stuff and has a true gift relating to kids of all ages. He can teach up and down the age scale with ease, knowing exactly what to say and how far to push a child to maximize their potential while still feeling positive and gaining self confidence.

Just like Stacy, he frequently comes to DS#1's games, watches his progress, never watches a clock--all on his own time. No one is a number to him, and he's another "real deal" kind of person.

Label him "Awesome and Influential Person No. 2".

Last, but not least, there's this tennis pro that is finally back in town. Years ago DD#1 took clinics and lessons from him when she was 5-10 years old. She fell out of favor with tennis due to being somewhat advanced for her age and got discouraged with the teen social issues for which she was not prepared. After telling me she'd never play tennis again, she went back to it at 14. Mo left and is now back after about 5 years. DD#1 just took a lesson with him last week and she said she learned more from him in one hour than she has the past two years with other pros in the area. While watching him work with her, I realized that his method and teaching style was very similar to Jorge's. Another person with a gift up and down the age scale.

Hopefully, DD#1 can work with him every two or three weeks in the off season for the coming year to improve her skills. I think he will have a profound influence on her level of play and confidence over the next year.

Label him "Awesome and Influential Person No. 3".

It is amazing how people can have such a profound influence on one's future. Over the years there have been a few people like that for me. First and foremost, of course, is my DH. But before I knew him, I'd have to say my best friend's mother and my favorite Business teacher when I was in high school.

I don't how much these three people think about how the extent their involvement will affect my children for many years to come. The true impact will be felt as they mature and look back on how these positive role models have affected their choices and perseverance in their activities/lives just as I have done over the years. Hopefully my children will pay it forward just as their role models have done. Hopefully they will be "gifted" with the ability to say the right thing, encourage when there is self doubt, and promote resourcefulness from within.

My children have truly been blessed.

Has anyone blessed your life in this way?


2BSewing: said...

I enjoyed reading your post. It's great to hear there are folks who are influential and good mentors for your children. That's important for any child to experience and learn to "pay it forward" for future generations.

I have to say I have been blessed that my DH has been an influential and spiritual person for me. We continue to grow in the same direction for almost 24 years. :)

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

That is so sweet. I hope they see your post, it would really touch them. I'm so glad to know you and to know that you are the type of person that truly appreciates and values PEOPLE. Your kids have a wonderful mother! Sew when you can girl, living life comes first. LOL

Cennetta said...

Great post, Kat. I have been so blessed to have several influential people in our lives. My DD and I talk about the being grateful and taking the opportunity to "pay it forward". It's so very important to recognize the people that have a positive impact on your live and it try to make a difference in someone life. Great post. Thanks,